Bracelet DIY

Want to create fancy bracelets? Dreaming of running your bracelet shop?

Hack the game:

Step aside for the new DIY game in town! Bracelet DIY, where you can blow the world away with all of your stylish DIY creative skills and make beautiful bracelets for your customers.

How does Bracelet DIY work you ask?

It has a variety of style designs to choose from, the ability to pick the color of the threads, beads, and pearls you want to make your bracelet with, a wide selection of hooks, charms, and stickers to decorate your bracelets, and boasting your bracelet designs by sharing it with your friends. The entire gameplay is easy to learn and master in an ASMR game-like experience.


– Six styles of Bracelet designs
– Six different DIY gameplays.
– Manage your very own Bracelet DIY shop and decorate the interiors of the shop.
– VIP customers with special rewards.
– Sharing designs with your friends and family, and on social media.
– Smooth haptic feedback

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and make some beautiful bracelets and start showing them off!

Rerolling means recreating a new account and using currency available to new players in order to get what you want from the gacha. Rerolling Bracelet DIY account can be tedious, but for gacha games that have been around for years or longer, it’s vital for a good start for new players and accounts. Adventurers are your characters that will actually enter dungeons and fight monsters. Because of this distinction, I recommend that you aim for a powerful adventurer as opposed to an assist character while rerolling. You can download Bracelet DIY reroll on Android or iOS or you can access it through your web browser as well. Also, to save you some time, clearing the cache from the title screen does not work for rerolling! Please let me know if I missed anything, and the best of luck to everyone!