Clash of Autobots: Wild Racing

Multi levels! Cross tornado-ravaged suburban roads, cross quiet and long highways or rampage through snowy streets. No matter which road you choose, it will be inevitable to face a confrontation with your opponents, and defeat them is the only choice. Unlock and upgrade more than 10 different Autobots. Every Autobot can be equipped with various upgrades, such as weapons, tires, hardness, etc. Don’t give your opponents any chance.
> Ferocious pursuit, fighting out of Siege
> Upgrade the corresponding attributes to increase the escaping distance in the game
> Use acceleration appropriately to avoid enemy attacks, which will keep you maintaining the top speed for a long time
> Control the Autobots to defeat the opponents
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Hack the game:

Rerolling means recreating a new account and using currency available to new players in order to get what you want from the gacha. Rerolling Clash of Autobots: Wild Racing account can be tedious, but for gacha games that have been around for years or longer, it’s vital for a good start for new players and accounts. Adventurers are your characters that will actually enter dungeons and fight monsters. Because of this distinction, I recommend that you aim for a powerful adventurer as opposed to an assist character while rerolling. You can download Clash of Autobots: Wild Racing reroll on Android or iOS or you can access it through your web browser as well. Also, to save you some time, clearing the cache from the title screen does not work for rerolling! Please let me know if I missed anything, and the best of luck to everyone!