Cookie Run: Kingdom

Build your dream Cookie Kingdom and reclaim against the evil that lingers in the shadows. Fresh out of the oven and from the Cookie Run: OvenBreak creators comes Cookie Run: Kingdom! Build a delectable Kingdom while battling against evil dessert monsters!

Hack the game:

Team up with GingerBrave and Cookie friends, some new and some familiar. Together, in this sweet fantasy adventure RPG, uncover the story of the Kingdom’s past and defeat the darkness that stands between you and your Kingdom.

Rebuild overgrown ruins and customize your Kingdom with unique decorations and exciting buildings. Team up with your Cookie friends to collect resources for your Kingdom and craft special tools and delicious treats!

Fight in epic RPG-style battles. Unlock new battle levels and discover secrets of the Cookie universe. Take on the Cake Monsters or battle against other Cookies in PVP mode. Tap into each Cookie’s unique skills and unleash the perfect balance of power!

– Customize your Kingdom with unique decorations, parks, wood shops, jelly factories, and more!
– Build a magic laboratory for Wizard Cookie or construct a classy juice bar for Sparkling Cookie!
– Gather resources from buildings to expand your Kingdom, fix destroyed buildings, and level up

– Assemble the best Cookie team that is just too sweet to beat!
– Strategically choose Cookies based on their special skills to defeat Cake Monsters
– Command your squad and unleash their skills with just a few taps
– Battle against rival Cookie teams in PVP mode!
– Lead your warriors through fast-paced, RPG-style battles with epic combat animations!

– Team up with familiar Cookies to explore build the ultimate Kingdom
– Unlock brand new Cookie characters through gacha Cookie Cutters
– Complete daily quests to earn power boosts for your Cookies
– Collect rare Treasures to enhance your Cookie’s special powers!

– Uncover the untold story of the Kingdom’s and fallen heroes’ past
– Adventure through more than 200 story levels!
– Restore glory back to the Kingdom

Rerolling means recreating a new account and using currency available to new players in order to get what you want from the gacha. Rerolling Cookie Run: Kingdom account can be tedious, but for gacha games that have been around for years or longer, it’s vital for a good start for new players and accounts. Adventurers are your characters that will actually enter dungeons and fight monsters. Because of this distinction, I recommend that you aim for a powerful adventurer as opposed to an assist character while rerolling. You can download Cookie Run: Kingdom reroll on Android or iOS or you can access it through your web browser as well. Also, to save you some time, clearing the cache from the title screen does not work for rerolling! Please let me know if I missed anything, and the best of luck to everyone!