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Crayola Create and Play+ is the official Crayola creativity app, with frequent new activities to help you imagine, experiment, and grow with every month! Explore dozens of creative, confidence-building games and enjoy endless hours of productive play. Crayola Create & Play+ encourages curiosity, artistic independence, and a safe place to develop self-expression. It’s so much more than drawing and coloring pages! Each of the activities helps develop imagination and a creative point of view…we’re all kids at heart, and everyone can be creative! Our regular content updates add new features, activities, and learning games. There’s always something new to explore and master!

• Use REAL Crayola art tools to create your own masterpieces! Color, draw, doodle, paint, stamp, sticker, glitter, and more!
• From princesses, dinosaurs, and unicorns…to fairies, cats, robots, and race cars, there are fun art projects for all ages to enjoy.
• There’s more than coloring and painting in the art station! Stretch your creativity with pixel art, glow art, tracing, and art lessons too!
• Enjoy UNLIMITED coloring pages and activities, PLUS new content every month!
• See your art in your own personal gallery!

• Color and create with Crayola’s award-winning, skin tone-accurate colors and ethnically diverse coloring pages and activities.

• Design your own pets and watch them come to life!
• Pets have a mind of their own! Once you design your pet, choose a home for them and watch them explore!
• Feed, wash, and interact with your pet in their habitat! Each pet has its own unique personality.

• Match, mix, and delight in colors!
• Sort the crayons, become a color-slicing ninja!
• Grow your own color garden and attract real butterflies (yes, gardening is creative too!). Better yet, see your garden come to life in the room around you with the AR camera!

PLAY & WIN games in the Crayola Create & Play+ Arcade
• How many ice cream scoops can you stack in Scoop Stacks?
• Solve puzzles made from your own artwork!
• Play fun action games with your pets, and much more!

LEARN NEW SKILLS in the Discovery Classroom.
• Try coding, practice spelling and letters, and watch behind-the-scenes videos on how Crayola Crayons are made.
• Watch real Crayola professional artists as they teach new art and drawing techniques.

• Inspired by STEAM and STEM education techniques, Crayola teaches core developmental principles through play.
• Coding exercises and games help spark excitement for science and math topics.

• Ever-evolving content updates keep the inspiration flowing, there’s something for everyone!

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Rerolling means recreating a new account and using currency available to new players in order to get what you want from the gacha. Rerolling Crayola Create and Play+ account can be tedious, but for gacha games that have been around for years or longer, it’s vital for a good start for new players and accounts. Adventurers are your characters that will actually enter dungeons and fight monsters. Because of this distinction, I recommend that you aim for a powerful adventurer as opposed to an assist character while rerolling. You can download Crayola Create and Play+ reroll on Android or iOS or you can access it through your web browser as well. Also, to save you some time, clearing the cache from the title screen does not work for rerolling! Please let me know if I missed anything, and the best of luck to everyone!