Super Saiyan: The Supreme Way

Classic recreated, the Dragon Ball Warriors are here!
Hundreds unique powerful warriors at your service, with a rich growth route, create your favorite lineup, and showoff with your unique combination!

Hack the game:

3D graphics, excellent visual effects
3D gaming graphics, super detailed character and scenes, experience the vivid visual impact and the explosive combat effect!

Offline idle, collect numerous resources
Fully automatic battle mode, you can cumulate resources while going offline, we care about your eyes and liver, you can upgrade your team easily with the smoothest transition.

Winner takes it all, diverse cross-server competitions
Diversified battles between strong players in the same server and cross-server will grant you the chance to chase the leaderboard throne, receive the worship of others, and win the highest glory of all server!

Rerolling means recreating a new account and using currency available to new players in order to get what you want from the gacha. Rerolling Super Saiyan: The Supreme Way account can be tedious, but for gacha games that have been around for years or longer, it’s vital for a good start for new players and accounts. Adventurers are your characters that will actually enter dungeons and fight monsters. Because of this distinction, I recommend that you aim for a powerful adventurer as opposed to an assist character while rerolling. You can download Super Saiyan: The Supreme Way reroll on Android or iOS or you can access it through your web browser as well. Also, to save you some time, clearing the cache from the title screen does not work for rerolling! Please let me know if I missed anything, and the best of luck to everyone!